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The Pros And Cons Of Playing Poker In An Online Casino

Brick and Mortar casinos are great for poker. You get a chance to practice reading your opponent’s hand. You may even learn to tell when your opponents are bluffing and when they mean what they say: This in my view, is an invaluable life skill that’s practical even outside the poker room. Online poker rooms on the other hand are limitless. They have no business hours. Games run 24/7 and you can try out new strategies as much (or as little) as you would like. Each side has its advantages and disadvantages as you shall come to see. We’ll cover both sides and you’ll be the judge. You’ll understand why some players prefer going to land-based (real) casinos while others play at online casinos like poker88

Playing At A Casino

This may be in form of a quick trip to the closest downtown casino or a well-planned trip to the world-famous Las Vegas. Vegas is filled with gambling parlors and entertainment joints. There’s even an Eiffel Tower Replica. While all the big boys play at the high-stakes table, it’s never that serious at a casino. There’s ambient music, large TVs, food, drinks and the casino staff are always passing by. It’s an immersive experience altogether.

While each casino has games suited for every gambler, their selection is no match for online poker rooms. You’ll certainly find a Hold’em game mid-play at any time of the day. You may have to wait before playing poker variants like the Seven Card Stud or Razz as there are no dedicated tables for such.

All decent casinos have a high stake or VIP room. This is a lounge where you may see a local celebrity gathering chips. There are regular tournaments (mostly for the bragging rights) held in these rooms on the regular. The biggest advantage of playing at a casino is that you get the real experience in handling chips and cards. Your opponent is across the table and you can gauge their reactions. You look them in the eye and can feel the fear in them. While this social atmosphere is advantageous to players that love reading social cues; a few poker players lose focus in the numerous distractions.

Pros Of Playing At A Casino

1. It’s a social place and we’re all excited in such settings2. Handling real cards and chips3. Food and drinks available4. You can read your opponent’s hand


1. Expensive – travel costs, drinks, parking etc2. The atmosphere may be distracting3. Players have to keep an eye on their chips, cards and pot size4. Opponents may read your hand too5. Limited poker variants

Playing At An Online Casino

They’re convenient. You can play from anywhere; as long as there’s internet access. You don’t have to dress to impress, there are no logistical challenges involved and you can play at any time. Online casinos run 24/7. They attract huge crowds; you will always find opponents even in non-mainstream poker variants. You don’t have to get off the bed/couch either. All the decent casinos have responsive mobile apps that let you do everything on mobile.

At an online poker room, you know EXACTLY how much luckyclover777 has in their stack and how much there is in the pot. There aren’t many things you’re keeping tabs on; because they are all on the screen. You would waste time at a land-based casino guess-estimating how much all your opponent’s chips are worth. Luckyclover777 won’t know that you’re anxious because you’re about to make a risky move.

Pros Of Playing At An Online Casino

1. Convenient2. Ideal for new players that haven’t yet practiced on hiding hands3. Minimal expenses4. A great place to gain experience5. No distractions6. Players can play for as much (or as little) as they would like7. All stats are accessible8. Many poker variants9. Your hand cannot be read


1. You lack the real casino experience2. Unable to tell when opponents are bluffing

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