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How To Download Twitch Vods/Videos | Twitch Downloader 2021 – Geek Cruze

When it comes to streaming platforms and apps that are specially designed for gamers and gaming in mind, we see a lot of differences and there are 100s of apps that are available in the market. Each and every app has its own pros and cons and you might get attracted to one such app because it may suit your needs. When it comes to naming the best app in the market, Twitch is the word that most gamers would say. YouTube is good when it comes to streaming but Twitch is the best server for gamers. Twitch has always been a streaming platform where gamers stream their games, databases, and host servers to play together. Download Twitch Vods

Sometimes there are historical moments created in games such as Minecraft or COD and due to less viewer count, a network issue, or something like that, you can miss that moment of your favorite gamer. Thus, to avoid this issue and to let gamers upload the same videos on other platforms as well, there are VODs. A VOD is defined as a video-on-demand, a segment or the whole part of a gamer’s streaming that you can watch, download and see later.

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The major problem with VODs is that you cannot see them, let’s say, a week later because they are removed from the platform. There are ways that you can download those VODs on your device. Let’s learn all of them step by step. Read more to find out!

How To Download Twitch Vods? (Computer)

Since you are here already, you now understand what VODs are, and why downloading these VODs is so important. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to understand it in a better way. But before you hop onto the download section, you should know that you have to save and archive the videos you want to download before. As mentioned before, Twitch does delete the videos of your favorite streams and your own streams too from a period of 14-60 days. This depends on what kind of a member you are.

Thus, let’s learn how to auto-archive your videos on Twitch. This process of making your videos archived automatically is also called auto-archiving. To do this, follow the steps given below.

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