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5 signs of failing SINOTRIK HOWO truck starter

As with the HOWO truck, the parts in your HOWO truck starter motor will eventually start to wear out. Catching any developing issues before they totally fail is crucial. The 2 parts most likely to fail or be bad are the solenoids or the HOWO truck starter motor itself.

So, how do you know when the HOWO truck starter is starting to fail?

Well, when the SINOTRUK HOWO truck starter is wearing out and about to fail, it’ll exhibit some warning symptoms.

The vehicle would start

If you turn the key in the ignition and nothing occurs, this is the clear indicator that you’ve an issue with your HOWO truck starter. The engine could make a clanking sound or be fully silent. You’d also hear a clicking sound in the HOWO truck starter when you turn the key. This’d be because the SINOTRUK HOWO truck starter has burnt out or the circuit has been damaged.

The truck starter does not engage the engine

Sometimes, it does activate but the truck engine doesn’t crank over. This’d be an indication that an issue is mechanical. Such as gear is dislodged or has been stripped and is not connecting the flywheel.

Erratic starting

A healthy relay will send an electric current to the truck starter each time. If there’re times when you’ve problems starting your truck, it’d mean that the SINOTRUK HOWO truck starter has dirty wiring or is damaged.

Starting the truck causes interior lights to dim

If a dashboard lights dim each time you start your truck, it probably means that there’s a short circuit in the wearing. Electric current is pulled away from other parts to power the HOWO truck starter. If this is joined by a chugging noise, the bearings inside the motor are likely to be failing.

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