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Cerused oak

Ceruse is a white lead-based pigment first used in 16th century Europe. It was originally used in cosmetics as a skin whitener. However, this was found to be toxic due to its lead content and was banned from cosmetic use. Craftsmen then later repurposed ceruse for use in wood as a way to preserve it and prevent rot. Cerused oak

The good news is that its modern iteration no longer contains lead and is very much safe for us to use. Modern cerusing uses white liming wax or diluted paint instead. This is why a cerused finish is also sometimes called a “limed finish.” A cerused finish mutes the original color of the wood and greatly emphasizes the wood’s natural grain and texture. It’s used in a variety of applications such as furniture, chests, cabinets, cabinetry, and even light fixtures.

Using cerused wood has fallen in and out of favor over the years, but it’s made a comeback. Its muted and natural look lends itself well to more contemporary styles. It can be used on unfinished, stained, or even painted wood. This allows for a wide range of options in designs, and maybe one just perfect for your home. Cerused oak

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